History. March 2003: after a necessary but fruitful search for identity and a few live appearances in 2001 / 2002, swAke. introduces its permanent line-up that captures the essence of its current substance. Then the band evolves through more concerts and more contacts. March 2004 is the release date of our very first studio recording “reverse flowing blood”.

Definition. The band designates its own style as being “psycho-metal” which is a term clearly established by its members at the origin of the journey. It is a musical trend deeply rooted in the “metal” realm with a very “psycho”logical and conceptual approach to it.

Influences. swAke. claims its belonging to the stream of modern metal generated by current bands, that is to say a musical genre in the bloom of a strong renewal.

Inspiration. The band creates its oddity through strange sounding atmospheres filled with electronic chaos and dark ambiences, supported by the imagery of swAke.

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