01 march 2006

It's official : swAke. is preparing the release of a maxi scheduled for september 2006.

The band invites everyone to follow the making of this disc through a diary
in which the evolution of the project can be consulted day after day.

Here is the adress :

20 february 2006

swAke. will be in direct live on the waves of Radio Graffiti (101.5 Mhz / Nancy area)
for a special interview about "the finale of the regional contest for the Eurockeennes"
in "Zanzibar" broadcast on friday the 23rd of February 2006 from 09h30 p.m. to 11h00 p.m.

Listen up!


To be noticed : a reference of the band on Actumetalzine webzine.

10 february 2006

swAke. has been chosen for the final of EUROCKEENNES 2006's regional contest!

The show will take place in the MJC of Belleville-sur-Meuse on friday the 10th of march.
We need your support more than ever.

For any information, please visit the official Eurockeennes' website .

08 december 2005

"swAke. is like Hannibal Lecter meeting Slipknot.
With its dark and ambient psycho-metal music, the four masked musicians
wake the mad feelings within us.

Here are the commentaries that describe us on the website of the 2006 edition of BELFORT's EUROCKEENNES.

As you understood, swAke. will have the chance to participate to the regional contest
that may allow the band to perform on a stage of this prestigious french festival.

The first semifinals will take place in Nancy's Austrasique on friday the 13th of january 2006.
We hope to see you there supporting us!

For any information, please visit the official Eurockeennes' website .

07 september 2005

swAke. is preparing its participation to the musical event of october in Lorraine :
the 2005 edition of "Nancy Jazz Pulsations"

The band will perform on wednesday the 12th of october in the "Hublot" (138 liberation avenue)
at 08:30 p.m. with the band We Insist!. Entry price is set at 10 euros.

Hereafter, a few useful links concerning that evening:

- consult Nancy Jazz Pulsations ' official website
- order a ticket from Fnac 's website
- get access to the Hublot according to Mappy's plan of Nancy
- watch the bill
- read the program.

01 july 2005

A new reference of the band has just been put on line on the site of webzine "Musique Lorraine".

07 may 2005

Our marchandising section gets wider! Brand new sweats with hood for girls (in colour black and in two sizes)
can be found right here and now at the price of 20 euros by piece.

29 march 2005

The review of our demo cd "Reverse flowing blood" by COREMO webzine is on line right now.
Find it directly in their website or in our "Medias" section.

We would like to thank Gary very much.

26 february 2005

2004 has been a extremely eventful year for swAke. : the band takes advantage of all its highly positive experiences
and begins 2005 with strength and confidence.
Right now, we focus on many projects that will come to life as soon as possible
and that we will share with you all very soon.
Our minds are set on creating brand new musical material to the detriment of the shows
but we will be back on stage when the time is right.
Once again and more than ever, we sincerely wish to thank all the people who are involved in this incredible ride.

The very first video of the band is available exclusively in the section "La Forge" of TDK Prod website:
this is "Apple" taken from the show in Nancy on the 02nd of december 2004 as special guest for ETHS.
It will also soon be found in our "Medias" section.
We send our special "thanks" to Alex for his great work.

20 december 2004

Entre cor(p)'e'mo(t) Webzine has just put the band into its list of references and has released a review
of our show at the "Rock Spinal" festival that is also available in our "Medias" section.

13 december 2004

Due to serious organisation problems, it has been decided that swAke. will not participate
to the "Misanthropic Metal Night" festival on saturday the 18th of december 2004 in Talange.
We wish to apologize to the people who would have liked to see us there.

05 december 2004

As part of the final of the auditions of the departement of Lorraine for the "Printemps de Bourges",
swAke. will have the upmost privilege to perform on the stage of the Zenith in Nancy on friday the 10th of december.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the people who came to support us at the show in Saint-Dié
and who have participated greatly to our victory!

The entrance is free : tickets are to be retired in FNAC stores in Metz or Nancy.
La Battucada organises free bus trip : let's get registered by clicking here or phone 03 87 34 30 11
to be acquainted with the time and place of departure.
You can also send an e-mail to for futher information.

03 december 2004

The interview of the band by ANNUAIRE MUSIQUE webzine is on line right now.
Find it directly in their website or in our "Medias" section.

26 november 2004

The major event at the end of the year 2004 for swAke. :
we will be the supporting act for the band ETHS at the M.J.C." Haut du Lièvre" in Nancy,
on thursday the 02nd of december.

Rendez-vous on Azimut 854 website for further details and order tickets on

19 november 2004

The review of our demo cd "Reverse flowing blood" by FRENCH METAL webzine is on line right now.
Find it directly in their website or in our "Medias" section.

We would like to thank Pete very much.

20 october 2004

swAke. has been chosen for the auditions of the departement of Lorraine to get the chance to perform at the " Printemps de Bourges" for the year 2005. We will try our luck on wednesday the 10th of Novembre 2004 in Saint-Dié. Find all the details about this event on the official site of Printemps de Bourges or Battucada.

"La Battucada" place free bus trip at our guests' disposal (departure from Metz) so come support us, we count very much on your presence. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to for further informations.

17 october 2004

Against all expectations and after a reversal of situation, swAke. will have the pleasure to perform at the "Rock Spinal" festival on satursday the 23rd of october 2004 at 6:30 p.m. in the famous concert hall of "Chat Botté" in Epinal.
Find all the details about this event in our "Shows" section.

Moreover, an interview of the band has been released by ANTITHETIK webzine (thanks to Christophe).
Click here to get access to the link.

10 october 2004

For ethical reasons respecting the guiding principle of the band, we have decided to retire from the "Rock Spinal" bill scheduled for the 23rd of october 2004. We wish to apologize to the people who would have liked to see us there.

03 october 2004

swAke. will enjoy the privilege of being the opening act for the band ETHS in Nancy (France) in december 2004 : the tickets are on sale right now in FNAC (stores and on line).
Find all the essential information about the show in the official site of AZIMUT 854.

Moreover, new topics have been added to our "Medias" section : a new review of "Reverse flowing blood" by ANTITHETIK webzine and a flashback on ZIK@METZ#1 festival by KERMETZ website .

26 september 2004

swAke. has been recently linked to the websites appearing below : don't hesitate to check them out!

(More links are to come, as well as reviews and interviews.)

22 september 2004

Welcome to the official website of the french “psycho-metal” band : swAke.
You will find here essential information concerning the band
and you can leave your impressions in the Guestbook or in the Forum.

Our new CD “reverse flowing blood” can be ordered in the “Music” section.

Click on the logo up left there to unveil the map of the site.

We wish you all a nice visit.

Thank you.